Syntexmex V0.9

UV Texture Synthesis based on syntexmex for blender

I am superhappy to anounce my next blender-plugin!

It is called syntexmex and can do a couple of things:

Syntexmex is an addon for blender which helps generating UV-textures based on examples.

grab your pre-built copy from here (linux and windows packages):

-> download from github

-> github project page & documentation

and this is the support thread:

-> blenderartists

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New Version of Piperator Released!

Piperator now with Vertex Colors.

After being on vacation I just released a new version of my piperator plugin. The new features are: control pipes using vertex colors on meshes and additionally it is now possible to have up to five layers of pipes around a mesh!

grab it here: ->download from gitlab

I decided now to always have a free version available for the addon. Onwards from the next version though I will put the newest version on sale while the “previous newest version” will be free.

If you want to support me, please follow this link to patreon, I don’t have any supporters yet! (

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Welcome to my new development blog!

This blog will be about the development of a couple projects that I am working on in my free-time:

  • design automation
  • generative and procedural modeling
  • future way of life
  • trying to make the world a better place.
  • hydroponics farming